Tableaux Faux Iron Bathroom Window

The Benefits of Buying Elegant Window Treatments

Windows frame our view of how we see the scenery right outside our walls. They also allow natural light to radiate and illuminate the room as well as provide necessary privacy at your control. Windows allow plenty of opportunities to extend your decorating style with elegant window treatment accents, many of which are much more than a curtain and are also useful in controlling the amount of light that enters a room or providing privacy in style. Choosing the right accent touches that will seamlessly flow with your room’s décor or function as needed to control lighting is just a couple of the benefits of buying elegant window treatments. From blinds, shades, or shutters, to special soft treatments, or artistic faux iron grilles, each option holds its own purpose in adding privacy, light control, and aesthetics to your windows.


We’ve come a long way from vertical slat or aluminum mini blinds. Wood blinds are a nice way to add style to windows. With a variety of widths and designer paint colors or stains, adding wood blinds is a great way to perk up a window while creating a sense of privacy and control over how much light is let in.


Like a movie screen rolling down to showcase a spotlight premier, window shades take center stage and turn any ordinary window into a work of art with function. Choose from a wide range of options when it comes to shades, there are roller shades that roll down or up depending on your desired look, solar shades that cut the sun’s glare and keep rooms cooler in summer, cellular shades that provide energy-efficient elegance, pleated shades made with fashionable decorative fabric, Roman shades that add traditional elegance, sheer shades to add soft sophistication and complete control of light, layered shades that protect furniture and floors from damaging UV rays while looking amazing with its timeless style, woven wood or natural shades to add warmth of style, or exterior patio shades that turn outdoor space into livable areas surrounded with elegance.


Furnish your windows with a touch of class by installing shutters that will also add value to the cost of your home. Shutters provide elegance that never seems to go out of style. Choose the color and size, and then you control the louvers to allow in the perfect amount of light or close for privacy. Open them at just the right angle to allow sophisticated shadows to accent your room as light fills up your space in just the right amount.

Faux Iron Grilles

Your windows are capable of being so much more than a pane of glass held in place with wood. Turn them into a work of art with faux iron grilles designs specially created to accent your windows. This special touch creates the look and feel of wrought iron without the weight or expense associated with these masterpieces of beauty. These accents add a hint of sophistication and elegance found in cathedrals. Accent a small window arch, cover glass door panels for a regal look, or add this look above a bathroom tub to allow light to come in while creating elements of privacy. These grilles not only turn an ordinary window into artwork, but they also allow light in to cast beautiful swirling shadows throughout the room.

Soft Treatments

Of course, if you do choose traditional draperies, sheers, Roman shades, upholstered cornices, top treatments, or side panels, go with soft treatments made of premium fabrics with light-filtering liners that accent nicely without overwhelming the window or the room’s décor.